I am honored to accept the call to serve as your Senior Pastor.

My family and are I excited to call Houston our home and to join you in a life of following Jesus and loving others. To be honest we are also excited about BBQ, going to the rodeo, and finally getting our hands on some decent tex-mex.

In discerning this call, we were overwhelmed by the joy, the talent, and the love that flowed from every person we met at St. Mark. And we became convinced that the Lord has incredible things in store for this family of faith.

Once we hit the ground in Houston we plan to run hard, alongside you, to draw as many of your friends and neighbors as possible toward the message of God’s unending mercy. It’s going to be lots of fun. It’s going to be tough at times and full of surprises. But I promise you, it will be worth it.

By God’s grace we are going to build on St. Mark’s incredible legacy. Together we will become a community of faith known throughout Houston--and beyond--for its joy, its generosity, and its creativity, all flowing from the truth of God’s incredible love for unlovable people.

Until we arrive, you’ll be in our prayers and we ask that you’d keep us in yours. As you can imagine, transitioning from New York City to the heart of Texas is no small task. But know that we are eager to meet you and to begin sharing life at St. Mark with you.

Our first Sunday at St. Mark, and my first sermon, will be the morning of September 30. And please plan to join me later that same day, at 3 pm, for my official installation as pastor. It’s going to be a great party, and a fun glimpse of what God’s got planned for the future.

Pastor Matt, Lisa, Ava + Jack